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Best Characteristics for Tablets

Tablet characteristics

There are many characteristics you might want to observe when you want to buy a tablet. There is no certain way to tell you the exact product since your use for a tablet can be different from someone else´s. Therefore, you certainly need to know the use to know what characteristics to look for. If you consider using it at home, the tablet should not be more than $300, since you will be probably using it only for web browsing, reading, and music. If you want to use it for work or school, then you will probably choose the tablet that can follow you on your path. You should probably consider the ones with larger screen size, at least a 9-inch screen and also the tablets with multitasking features, optional keyboard attachments, and pen input support. However, if you only want a tablet for gaming, then you should probably observe resolution and also a balance between portability and power. When it comes to tablets for children, you will have to pay attention to the characteristics such as size, price, durability, and parental-control features.

If you observe screen size, since 2015 there is a rule for tablets – the bigger, the better. Recent top choices selected by PC Magazine, CNET and TechRadar, include tablets with screen sizes of 9.7 inches or more. The large screen allows users plenty of possibilities such as watching movies, effortless reading and enjoying different applications. However, there is another characteristic here which is closely tied to screen size – screen resolution. It helps to ensure high-quality images free of blur. Many tablets include resolutions of 2048 by 1536 pixels.

When it comes to the storage capacity of the tablet, there are also many options. However, in this case, you should also observe the use of the tablet before you buy one. Common storage sizes for the best tablets include 32 through 128 gigabytes. However, some of us will never use this storage if we use the tablet only to check our social networks accounts while watching TV after a long day at work.

Therefore, in case you need a lot of storage for your work projects, then you can consider tablets with larger storage capacity.

Furthermore, there is a processor speed. It largely determines how well a tablet runs the applications that are stored on it. The best tablets usually have speeds of 1.3 GHz or more.

There is also another practical characteristic that you should observe when choosing the right tablet and that is power. Battery life can sometimes be more important than some other characteristics since it directly affects quality. The best tablet models allow users to stream videos or perform other similar activities for five or more hours between recharges.

Once you have decided the use of your future tablet, be sure to pay attention to its form as well. Do you want a stand-alone tablet device or a convertible one? The first one is like oversized smartphone – large touch screen, charging connector and a few buttons on the case. Typically, it weighs between 1 and 2 pounds and is less than half an inch thick. This means that they are extremely compact and portable as well. On the other hand, convertible tablets are meant for all those who still miss the flexibility of the PC on the device. These tablets come with a detachable keyboard which makes them laptops with touch screens.

app storegoogle play

If you need a tablet for work, then you will probably observe which operating system it employs. If you are obliged to use specific programs, then be sure to check their compatibility with the operating system before you end up with an expensive tablet which does not support your documents or applications. You can choose from the best-operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows.
All three of these major tablet operating systems provide digital stores where you can purchase and download a great number of apps, music, movies as well as other kinds of content.

When it comes to iOS, the App Store is the only possible way of getting apps for your iPad. The company has pretty tight controls over their apps which can be limiting in a way but also reduces the risk of downloading malicious items onto your device.

Google Play is the official online shop for Android apps, music, and other content. However, they have more open nature than Apple which means that Google Play is not the only way to get apps for Android device.

On Windows tablet devices, there is the Windows Store where you can purchase apps, music, and movies. However, you can also download apps from just about anywhere.

Finally, you should pay attention to the price as well, there are cheaper models that will be perfect for your necessities from a tablet, and cheap does not necessarily mean less quality. Explore the market and find what suits the best for you.